Rallarvegen and Aurlandsdalen in one holiday!

Skrevet i Nyheter Monday, 06 June 2011.

Do you want to go hiking in Aurlandsdalen? Meybe you even want to go hiking after you have biked Rallarvegen?

A lot of people spend a lot of time planning their trip in our region. Sometimes all the flexible options make it more complicated to plan. We reccommend to go hiking in Aurlandsdalen after your trip on Rallarvegen. We have the services to help you, but you have to make the choices that suits your needs.

If you want to bike Rallarvegen you can start on Haugastøl or Finse. You can even start on Hallingskeid or Myrdal. Whether you do it in one or two days, is up to you. In any case  you will find accommodation on Haugastøl, Finse, Vatnahalsen and Myrdal. Most bikers choose to end their trip in Flåm. In Flåm you find several accomodating services. We reccommend Flåmsbrygga Hotell, Flåm Camping og Vandrarheim and Hemly Pensjonat. 

There are buses leaving from Flåm to Østerbø every day. This is the perfect starting-point for your hike in Aurlandsdalen. The bus arrives at Østerbø around 09.30. Aurlandsdalen ends in Vassbygdi where you can take a bus to Østerbø or to Flåm. If you choose to go back to Østerbø you can stay at Østerbø Turisthytte or Østerbø Fjellstove. If you go back to Flåm you should get yourself a ticket to Flåmsbana, one of Norways most popular tourist attractions.   

If you have some spare time in Flåm, read more about how you can explore the beautiful Nærøyfjord.

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