Flåm is a paradise for people seeking unique natural experiences. Flåm is situated in upper Aurlandsfjorden, which is a branch of Sognefjorden. The name means “a small flat area between steep mountains”. Good communication links by boat, train and bus have made the small community a hub and an important gateway for tourists for the whole of Western Norway.


Flåm Harbour and Sognefjorden

Flåm Harbour is a busy harbour during the summer months with sightseeing boats, cruise ships and a vibrant street scene. The beautiful landscape with its steep mountainsides diving down into the fjord, wild rivers and waterfalls are the main attraction for tourists who come from around the world. There are many ways of getting out onto the fjord. If you are looking to explore the fjord from close range, you can go on a Fjord Safari. You can experience Nærøyfjorden, which is on the World Heritage List, UNESCO’s list of cultural and natural heritage sites.


Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism are the main industries in Flåm and there are many accommodation providers of different types and in different price bands. In 2007, Flåm also gained its own micro-brewery Ægir, which has been an outstanding success ever since it first opened.


The Flåm Railway

By far the biggest attraction in Flåm is the Flåm Railway, a railway line almost unparalleled anywhere in the world. The line runs from Flåm to Myrdal station on the Bergen Railway. It is 20km-long and has a height difference of 865m and an incline of 1:18. In order to overcome the huge height difference, the line has been partly constructed in tunnels which form a spiral in and out of the mountainside. The view from the train is spectacular with panoramic views across the best that Norway has to offer in terms of untouched Norwegian scenery.

Flåm is also the end of the popular cycle route Rallarvegen. The road built in the early 20th Century to aid construction of the railway has recently become an attraction in itself.

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